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Lua’s Story

She is Lua! When she was just 2 months old, she was abandoned in a dump in the city of Quito, Ecuador…

It was a cold winter afternoon, heavy rain was falling on the city. Johanna Ballesteros, a young 30-year-old mom was preparing to return home after going to university.

A few blocks from home, Johanna heard a strange sound coming from a dumpster. It was the impotent crying of a dog about 2 months old that lay wrapped in a case inside a cardboard.

Aware of the fate that would have that poor and unprotected dog, decided to take her home. Although initially his family put up resistance, decided to support Johanna in this noble cause.

After a while, little Lua not only passed part of Palacios Ballesteros’ family, but she became the most spoiled and beloved member. 5 years after this fact, that small life changed the lives of its owners to whom it gave its unconditional love.

Nowadays Lua is a very happy dog that enjoys life with her new family. Like Lua, there are millions of cases around the world, unfortunately most of them do not end with a happy ending.

Thanks to the benefits of technology, today it is possible to replicate the rescue of Lua and in this way save the lives of many defenseless animals!


¡Be part of this great project!

The “Lua’s Pet Home” project, as well as its logos and other trademarks, are property of Criptocurrency & Blockchain Advisors S.A., however there will be several public and private investment rounds that will be used to finance the project in its entirety.


1st Round of Investment

Goal: $ 1,000,000
There will be a round of private investment that will be used to finance the execution of the Pre ICO and the ICO, as well as to carry out the App and the Blockchain network.

2nd Round of Investment

Goal: $ 16,265,500
It will be carried out through a Pre ICO (Initial Coin Offering), and will be used to finance the construction of 30 farms for the adoption of 9,000 animals rescued (300 per farm).


Goal: $ 36,289,900
It will be carried out through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), and will be used to finance the construction of 70 additional farms, to undertake the project with a total of 30,000 animals rescued.

The investment will be paid in “Lua’s Coin” according to the following scheme:

There will be 1.3 billion Lua’s Coin in the market. The launch of the application will take place in April 2019 and each Lua’s Coin will have a value of 10 US $ ctvs. 66.6% of all proceeds will go to finance Lua’s Foundation and the creation and implementation of their farms.





Legal constitution of the company and the foundation
Advertising – ICO and Pre ICO


Technological development of the APP (Start)




Structuring and strengthening the company and the foundation
Strategic alliances


Pre – ICO ($ 8,402,650)
Technological development of the mini-games (start)




Structuring and strengthening the company and the foundation
Strategic alliances


Construction of 15 farms


ICO ($ 19,331,650)
Technological development of the mini-games (Strengthening)




July Launch App
August Payment to investors (Seed)
September Payment to Investors (Pre – ICO)
October Payment to Investors (ICO)


Construction of 35 farms


APP development (Innovation)


Lua’s Pet Home will be developed by CBA S.A.

Xavier Ballesteros

Founder and CEO 

Investment Advisor & Blockchain Entrepreneur

David Gutiérrez

General Manager

Owner of Prove De Luxe
Member of Crypto Valley – Switzerland
Entrepreneur and enthusiastic blockchain

David Crespo

Planning Manager

CEO of Pryffer
Cryptocurrency Mining Expert
Owner of Mining Group Z1 & Pryffer MBA Developer

Daniel Crespo

General Manager

Owner of Pryffer

Daniel González

Business Developer

CO Founder and COO of Pryffer
Co Founder of Mentor Business Academy – MBA
Entrepreneur and enthusiastic blockchain

Andrés Bustamente

Chief of Technological Development

CTO of Pryffer
Technology developer with extensive experience

Adonis Villalba

Technology Development Manager

Video game developer Alter – Ego, project with which he achieved the distinction of Project of International Excellence in the Science Fair in Seville, Spain.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does LPH arise?

Lua’s Pet Home emerged as an initiative that aims to use the benefits of technology to replicate the rescue of Lua, and thus provide a solution to a large social problem ignored; the growing population of abandoned domestic animals on the streets.

What is "Lua's Pet Home"?

Lua’s Pet Home is a comprehensive project that aims to solve the problem previously identified through the creation and implementation of an APP through which you can adopt virtually real rescued pets.

50% of each contribution made through the application will be used to finance foundations dedicated to the rescue of abandoned animals.Why does LPH arise?

What problems does LPH solve?

LPH serves two social needs:

In the first place, it aims to solve the worldwide problem of abandoned pets in the streets.

This will be achieved thanks to the contribution made by the users through the application, since 50% of the gross profit will be used to finance foundations or organizations that dedicate themselves to the care and rescue of animals that are in a situation of abandonment. Similarly, the Lua Foundation is to be created, through which well-equipped shelters will be implemented so that they can house the largest number of animals rescued around the world.

Secondly, it aims to solve a basic need that all human beings have, which in many cases is usually filled thanks to our beloved pets. It is about “love”. Those of us who have pets know that these beings give us all their love and affection, however, not many people can keep a pet, due to the high cost that their maintenance requires, or perhaps because in our homes there are not the necessary adjustments for a pet. pet can live well. However, thanks to technological advances and the new concept of “coadopting”, several people can adopt a pet in a virtual way, dividing the expenses of their pet’s maintenance and optimizing resources. Thanks to the maintenance costs of the adopted pet is divided for all its owners, adopting a pet among several people is more economical and efficient. It should also be mentioned that the application will provide the user with the opportunity to receive multimedia material, so that they can observe the evolution of their pet. That’s right, together with Lua’s Pet Home, we will change the world, and we will give a new meaning to the term “virtual pet”.

How does Blockchain technology contribute to the Project?

CBA S.A., aware of the benefits provided by Blockchain technology, has resolved to modernize and revolutionize the concept of “rescue and adoption of pets” worldwide.

Being public and being within everyone’s reach, the Blockchain allows keeping an accounting record of all crypto-currencies that use this technology. Thanks to this, both users and investors can keep track of the number of tokens issued, so conducting an audit of how economic resources are being handled is very easy and convenient.

The adoption as well as the maintenance and other transactions carried out through the App, will be done through a token that will be called “Lua’s Coin”, which will be created with Blockchain technology.

Who is developing the Project?

Lua’s Pet Home “will be developed by the CBA S.A. a company with extensive experience developing Blockchain technology.

In the same way, a joint work is being carried out with several foundations and organizations dedicated to animal rescue.

However, the biggest contribution is made by you. We invite you to be part of this great project!

How can I be part of the project?

You can become a partner by making an investment for the realization of the project! (check investment tab)

You can become a volunteer and be part of our great team! (check contact at the bottom)

Contact us, or fill out the contact form and we will call you!

How and where can I get the tokens?

You can get them with a big discount as an investor of the project (review investment tab), or with the application once it is operational (April 2019).

Can I mine the tokens?

No, the tokens will be pre-rolled and distributed to the public through the different investment rounds or through the application that will be launched in the month of April 2019.

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